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You thought you had seen everything – absolutely everything – in the matter of tattoo trends? You are probably wrong, and big. Because one of the latest trends of the body art provides the ability to play tattoos. A very particular evolution of the dear and passionate pair between tattoos is music, which goes far beyond the possibility of tattooing on one’s own skin a musical note or the stylized symbol of some instrument of which one is particularly passionate. But what is it? Let’s try to learn a little more, revealing some news coming from the USA!

Tattoos for recording sounds and voices

Although the idea of ​​using i tattoos to be able to record a voice or a sound we are particularly fond of might seem very bizarre … obviously it is not considered sufficiently bizarre by a team of creative Californians, who has produced a tattoo that can be “read” by a smartphone, with an app that can translate the design on the skin into a set of sounds. And this is obviously not a matter of random sounds, but of a certain type of sound to which we want to dedicate an indelible memory: think of the voice of a missing person, of a song, of an animal and much more.

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More in detail, in order to create a Soundwave tattoo (this is the “commercial” name of these particular tattoos), it is first necessary to purchase the application (still not available, but will be on sale in a few months). Afterwards, it will be sufficient to load an audio file into the app, and wait for the software to translate the sound into a drawing, which plays a sound wave that can be stamped on the skin by a tattoo artist who has been authorized by Skin Motion (it is understandable that to be able to perfectly recreate the desired sound it will be necessary to resort to a particular technique and, perhaps, to instrumentation specially made).

Well, once the tattoo has been made, it will be enough to load the photo inside the platform. Then the Soundwave Tattoo will be ready to be heard on your smartphone. In this case, what you will need to do is open the app, point the camera at the drawing and wait for the automatic recognition of the Soundwave Tattoo.

As if that were not enough, the Californian company is already at work to work the mechanism even with sound waves already tattooed by users, and not only those that must necessarily be generated by the application. A step forward that could open the door to a use of the app even by users who already have a tattoo.

Looking forward to understanding more, and knowing what you think of this new evolution of body art, here are the final results of a soundwave (not linked to the app) tattooed on your skin!

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