Justin Bieber’s tattoos and their meaning

Justin Bieber’s tattoos have increased in number and size over the years. He is currently one of the most tattooed singers and knowing the meaning of each of his tattoos is a virtually impossible mission. Fortunately, however, many people wondered what the meaning was and in some interviews the singer then explained the meaning of some of them. However, the size of the drawings has increased and now there are very few areas left free for other tattoos.

Following a thorough investigation, we present Justin Bieber’s tattoos and the meaning of most of them; for the others there are only theories and suppositions of the fans and it is up to you to believe or not in these stories.

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Justin Bieber's tattoos and their meaning

Like many people, Justin decided to look for a simple tattoo to make his first steps in the world of tattoos. The choice fell on a bird, specifically a gull, located in the lower part of the belly, more towards the left side.

From what we have been able to discover, this tattoo also has other members of his family and therefore constitutes something that has become a kind of family tradition. It's almost impossible to remember Justin Bieber without tattoos. You remember? From that moment on he became a star of international fame and that sweet-faced little boy is now one of the most successful singers on the pop music scene.

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How many tattoos does Justin Bieber have?

Currently it has more than 50 tattoos, but they are without doubt 10 those that deserve the most interest among all.

Justin's tattoos and his family

Tattoos depicting the family are very important to him, as, as we have heard from him on several occasions, the family will always go first of all, of career success, fame or anything else. This is why we should not be surprised that Bieber is completely covered in tattoos dedicated to his family.

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In the lower part of the clavicle it is possible to see a tattoo in Roman numeral representing the birth date of his mother. This design has inspired many tattoos made later by his followers and thanks to Justin Bieber's tattoo, tattoos in Roman numbers have experienced a momentary boom in tattoo studios around the world.

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Another well-known tattoo by Justin Bieber is his mother's eye on the inside of his arm, a fairly large tattoo that pays tribute to the love for his ancestor. He also has a tattoo in Hebrew letters that he made with his father.

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Justin Bieber's tattoos and his Christian faith

In this case we are talking about a tattoo of Jesus Christ, of medium size, but quite visible, which was one of the first to appear.

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Bieber ensures that his success is due to faith: he is indeed a very believing and devoted boy and for this reason among his tattoos we find different references to religion, such as cross tattoos, crowns or phrases from the Bible that demonstrate his faith and his commitment to religion.

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It is also possible to see a very realistic tattoo of two hands joined in prayer, close to the ankle, just lower than a tattoo depicting roses that complete the drawing in a very valid way.

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Another curious design of Justin Bieber's tattoos is a kind of X that he wears on his left arm. This X is actually a Greek letter, called "Chi" which serves to represent Christ (Christ)

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Love tattoos, broken hearts and overcoming.

Love tattoos are usually a risk: if you get a couple tattoo and after the relationship it ends badly, you may regret it. Among Justin Bieber's tattoos we can find several cases like this, in particular the portrait of a former wearing on her wrist that she tried to hide with some shadows without getting the desired result.

Bieber is also very fond of tattoos depicting tigers: in the arm we can indeed see the side profile of a tiger's snout. Just a little lower down we can see the tattoo of an owl seen from the front (in this case you seem to symbolize wisdom) and almost reaching the wrist you can see a tattoo of angel wings from which the portrait of a woman who looks like comes out suspiciously to one of his ex.

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