Gallery of tattoos with a sun: 70 Drawings

The Sun. The big star. The queen star. For most of the day we have it before our eyes but we don’t always realize it. If you are inspired by the idea of ​​getting a tattoo on this big star and can always look at it, visit our gallery of tattoos with the sun and let it light up.

The Sun is the fundamental star for our planetary system. It is our resource of primary life and for this reason it has always inspired curiosity and adoration. There are numerous reasons why sun tattoos can have personal meanings, as the Sun has had symbolic and religious meanings in the many ancient cultures that have populated the Earth. Worshiping the Sun as a source of life has always been an almost instinctive and universal thing for many of these civilizations, and from this it probably derives the current spread of tattoos that represent the sun.

Over time, cultures have created many myths about the Sun and these beliefs were often expressed in their tattoos, where the Sun usually evoked concepts such as strength, growth, vitality and fertility, among others. Let’s see some examples of different interpretations of the image of the Sun in the various cultures of history.

The Aztecs used tattoos depicting the sun for rituals, using them in certain parts of the body to express their devotion to one god or another. These Aztec tattoos could be small with simple or large and very complex patterns. The Maya instead saw the tattoos with the sun as a form of protection and to express the fact of being a chosen people, and also as a way to decide who was the leader. The American Indians, on the other hand, considered tattoos depicting the sun as symbols of creation and the destructive power of war and also used them as a form of protection against the evil of the world. For the late Caribbean people of the Taínos Indians, tattoos were more than just body decorations. For them they were expressions of destiny. In this way, the higher the tattoo was in the body, the closer they felt to their gods.

There is a common typology in the sphere of tattoos that represent the sun, and they are those tattoos that combine the Sun and the Moon and sometimes even the stars. This usually happens in more feminine tattoos, creating a new meaning, since in general they represent the union between man and woman.

We hope to have made you discover something new about the world of sun tattoos, and that with this maybe you are more encouraged to get yourself one of these beautiful and significant tattoos widespread with meanings of protection. In the meantime, however, you have to protect yourself, and for this reason we always advise you to go to specialized tattoo parlors and maintain adequate hygiene conditions to take care of your tattoo, because something that lasts a lifetime must be protected as such.


The Sun is closely related to different cultures like the Japanese or the Chinese. In this image we see a sun with an Asian symbol right in the middle. I'm not an expert on this kind of symbols, so I can't tell you what this tattoo means.


The suns are beautiful for both men and women, as we can see in this picture. A simple design that takes little time and offers a very nice result, but you need a flat stomach to have a result like this.

Photo 01-8336

Typical drawing of a sun with a moon, in the image we can see one of the most traditional both for the stroke and for their expressions. The area chosen is adequate, since it adapts naturally and has an aesthetically beautiful result.

Photo 02-8339 Photo 03-8342 Photo 04-8343 Photo 05-8346 Photo 06-8348 Photo 07-8349

Photo 08-8351 Photo 09-8353 Photo 10-8355 Photo 11-8357 Photo 12-8359 Photo 13-8364 Photo 14-8367 Photo 15-8370 Photo 16-8373 Photo 17-8375 Photo 18-8377 Photo 19-8380 Photo 20-8383 Photo 21-8384 Photo 22-8386 Photo 23-8388 Photo 24-8390 Photo 25-8394 Photo 26-8397 Photo 27-8399 Photo 28-8402 Photo 29-8404 Photo 30-8405 Photo 32-8412 Photo 33-8414 Photo 34-8416 Photo 35-8418 Photo 36-8419 Photo 37-8422 Photo 38-8426 Photo 39-8427 Photo 40-8429 Photo 41-8435 Photo 42-8437 Photo 43-8440 Photo 44-8442 Photo 45-8444 Photo 46-8449 Photo 47-8453 Photo 48-8455 Photo 49-8458 Photo 50-8460 Photo 51-8462 Photo 52-8465 Photo 53-8466 Photo 54-8468 Photo 55-8470 Photo 56-8473 Photo 57-8475 Photo 58-8477 Photo 59-8481 Photo 60-8483 Photo 61-8487 Photo 62-8490 Photo 63-8492 Photo 64-8495 Photo 65-8498 Photo 66-8499 Photo 67-8503 Photo 68-8506 Photo 69-8508 Photo 70-8512 Photo 71-8514 Photo 72-8517 Photo 73-8519 Photo 74-8522 Photo 75-8523 Photo 76-8526 Photo 77-8527 Photo 78-8529 Photo 79-8531 Photo 80-8533 Photo 81-8535 Photo 82-8536 Photo 83-8540 Photo 84-8544 Photo 85-8546 Photo 86-8548 Photo 87-8550 Photo 88-8552 Photo 89-8557 Photo 90-8559 Photo 91-8562 Photo 92-8565 Photo 93-8567 Photo 94-8568 Photo 95-8570 Photo 96-8573 Photo 97-8576 Photo 98-8578 Photo 99-8579 Photo 100-8582 Photo 101-8585 Photo 102-8588 Photo 103-8590

A girl's point of view

Perhaps the design of a sun is the most chosen tattoo in the history of tattoos and, despite this, they never seem to go out of style and never become old or ugly. The sun in any style is one of the most chosen motifs among girls and one of the most important reasons could be the reason mentioned before, which will never go out of style. In every part of the body, the sun will illuminate the area you have chosen.

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