70 Awesome Egyptian Tattoos

The Egyptian culture had several characteristic and sacred symbols that still today continue to be used in the world of tattoos

Among the most typical designs and their meanings we find:

The ankh, also known as the Egyptian cross, symbol of eternity and infinity. Much used by both boys and girls.

The symbol of a winged woman with open arms, whose specific name is Maat, represents justice and balance.

The god Ra, god of the sun and one of the most important figures of Egyptian mythology, is usually represented with the head of an eagle.

The beetle, which was a sacred symbol and which represents the birth of a new life.

The Eye of Horus represents healing and protection.

These are the most characteristic and common signs of ancient Egyptian culture. As we have already said, even now, currently, after so many years, there are people who are attracted by these drawings, by their strong and deep symbolisms and who choose to tattoo them on their skin. There is not one part of the body preferred over another to make one of these tattoos: all of them are perfect to decorate your skin with one of these Egyptian symbols that make a beautiful effect on your body.

Even the pyramids and pharaohs are very common.


In the Egyptian world there is nothing more popular and characteristic than a mummy. For this reason I chose this tattoo as the main article. Maybe it's not the best mummy we see in this collection nor is it the better tattooed one but even so it's fine, it's a nice tattoo.

Photo 02-605

Drawing of the Eye of Horus to whose side there is a beautiful bird. Throughout this gallery you will find this design many times because it is undoubtedly one of the most tattooed among lovers of Egyptian art. There are also all the symbols!

Photo 01-604 Photo 03-606 Photo 04-607 Photo 05-608 Photo 06-609

Photo 07-610 Photo 09-612 Photo 10-613 Photo 11-614 Photo 12-615 Photo 13-616 Photo 14-617 Photo 15-618 Photo 16-619 Photo 17-620 Photo 18-621 Photo 19-622 Photo 20-623 Photo 21-624 Photos 22-625 Photos 23-626 Photo 25-628 Photo 26-629 Photo 27-630 Photo 28-631 Photo 29-632 Photo 30-633 Photo 31-634 Photo 32-635 Photo 33-636 Photo 34-637 Photo 35-638 Photo 37-640 Photo 38-641 Photo 39-642 Photo 40-643 Photo 41-644 Photo 42-645 Photo 44-647 Photo 45-648 Photo 46-649 Photo 47-650 Photos 48-651 Photo 49-652 Photo 50-653 Photo 51-654 Photo 52-655 Photo 53-656 Photo 54-657 Photo 55-658 Photo 56-659 Photo 57-660 Photo 58-661 Photo 59-662 Photo 60-663 Photo 61-664 Photo 62-665 Photo 63-666 Photo 65-667 Photo 66-668 Photo 67-669


More tattooed body areas Also in this case, areas where you can tattoo designs of medium or large size, such as the back, arms, forearm, chest or side.
Most used colors or inks Almost always dull colors. Black and brown shades. These symbols have no relation to overly bright colors.
More men or more women? Is it a female or male tattoo? More men than women. Perhaps the proportion is 70-30 in favor of men.
What is their size? Are they normally large, small or medium? Most of the ones we saw in the gallery are medium and large. We have only seen one or two little ones and minutes; we have not found even one of those who can hardly be seen.
Symbolism or meaning of these reasons Depends on the symbol or pattern chosen. The Eye of Horus, for example, represents magic, protection or order. Another example is the Sphynx cat that represents the goddess Isis, also known as the "Queen of the gods".
Average difficulty of the drawings Normal difficulty, as almost always, except for some designs that have different reasons and require much more time.

A girl's point of view

How attracted are we to the ancient Egyptian civilization? And indeed, if historically this culture has been one of the richest and boasts centuries of study, it is no less in the world of tattoos. There are many people who choose a tattoo with a symbol of Egyptian art and, girls, I believe that there is not a civilization that has the most elegant, beautiful and showy motifs and elements to be the subject of a tattoo. I like to see girls tattooing designs of this style and we are not few in doing it. The story goes hand in hand with these tattoos, so why not immerse yourself in the world of thousands of years ago and redeem one of the elements sacred to the Egyptians, with the meaning it transmits, to tattoo it on our body?

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