40+ Black Spider Tattoos

Tattoos with spider drawings are among the types of tattoos with valid symbols for many kinds of tattoos, especially among the traditional tattoos of various indigenous peoples of most of the world. Perhaps they are not excessively popular tattoos, but they do not stop being incredibly widespread. Whether you are passionate about these scary animals or not, we invite you to take a ride in our interesting gallery of images of tattoos with spider drawings, we assure you that none of them will bite you.

Regarding tattoos with motifs of these arachnids or spider webs, there is a wide range of both positive and negative meanings associated with these two designs. It is thought that tattoos with spider drawings originate from the tribes of Malaysia, but they are also related to the peoples of most of the world, in fact in history there are countless myths and legends that bring the figure of the spider to the whole world. For example, spiders were part of many stories from Greek mythology, in which it is said that Arachne, famous for being a great weaver, was envied by the goddess Athena for her abilities, and she decided to make her life hell. At the death of Arachne, Athena felt guilty and repented, turning her into a spider so that she could weave again.

The spider’s web has a connection with Native American peoples and with an object closely related to these as the “dream catcher”. It is thought that the Anishinabe tribe created this curious object. This people believed that the dream catchers had magical powers and that a “spider-woman” went around to visit the newborns of the tribe. This “spider-woman” would leave a magical spider web to protect children from harm. When the tribe widened, this magical creature failed to carry out this task for all the newborns of the tribe, and for this reason the women of these peoples began to weave their own “dream catchers” and put them on the cribs and beds of newborns. Today the “dream catcher” is a very significant symbol of Native Americans, and is thought to attract beautiful dreams and reject and keep away those unpleasant and nightmares.

Among the many symbolic meanings that can evoke tattoos with spider drawings, the most common are luck, magic, development, secrecy, attention, pragmatism, accuracy, connection, creation and creativity, to name a few.

Spider tattoos, as they are usually not too large, can be done in many areas of the body, there is a multitude of possibilities for people of both genders to choose this type of tattoo.

With this article we hope to have brought you a little closer to this mysterious animal and you have discovered many things about it. We also hope that when you want to do a tattoo, you will always remember to go for quality studies to get the best results, as tattoos last a lifetime, so why take chances?


If you want the spider to see it in its entirety we have to join hands and so we can show it as it appears in the picture. A fun design, original, but simple and basically very poor like 90% of tattoos that include spiders. I apologize but it is my opinion.


No more than a simple spider. The singular thing about the tattoo, and that's why we chose it, is the area of ​​the body where it was made. This part of the hand is not common at all.

Photo 01-1955

Tattoo of a spider with a red symbol in the center, as we can see the symbol is a double red triangle that we have seen in other designs of spider tattoos, so it certainly has a meaning for these people.

Photo 02-1959 Photo 03-1961 Photo 04-1965 Photo 05-1968 Photo 06-1971 Photo 07-1973

Photo 08-1977 Photo 09-1983 Photo 10-1987 Photo 11-1991 Photo 12-1994 Photo 13-1997 Photo 14-1999 Photo 15-2000 Photo 16-2002 Photo 17-2004 Photo 18-2007 Photo 19-2009 Photo 20-2011 Photo 21-2015 Photo 22-2018 Photo 23-2021 Photo 24-2025 Photo 25-2028 Photo 26-2031 Photo 27-2033 Photo 28-2037 Photo 29-2040 Photo 30-2042 Photo 31-2047 Photo 32-2052 Photo 33-2053 Photo 34-2056 Photo 35-2058 Photo 36-2060 Photo 37-2062 Photo 38-2063 Photo 39-2065 Photo 40-2067 Photo 41-2069 Photo 42-2072 Photo 43-2073 Photo 44-2076 Photo 45-2079 Photo 46-2082 Photo 47-2085 Photo 48-2088 Photo 49-2091 Photo 50-2093 Photo 51-2096 Photo 52-2101 Photo 53-2103 Photo 54-2104 Photo 55-2105 Photo 56-2108 Photo 57-2109 Photo 58-2112 Photo 59-2113 Photo 60-2116 Photo 61-2117 Photo 62-2118 Photo 63-2120


More tattooed body areas The arms, the back, the shoulders and, even if you don't think so, the neck is very common in this case, despite being a very visible area and they can all see it.
Most used colors Inevitably black.
More men or more women? Is it a female or male tattoo? Many more men. The probability can be from 85% to 15%.
Symbolism or meaning of these drawings Spiders are linked to death, femininity and cunning.

A girl's point of view

Spiders that are often tattooed and not many girls who have chosen this type of design are not small. Perhaps because of the adversity that some of us, despite being animal lovers, feel for this insect. If I have to be honest I would never choose a design like this, but I recognize that some can be fun from the position in which some girls place it, which give the impression of being real spiders on their body.

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