20+ tattoos from Nightmare Before Christmas

Nighmare Before Christmas is one of Tim Burton. A true cult for generations, given that with his characters, his grim settings and a particular and unique mood that raged throughout the film, the director was able to recreate a world in which more and more people they recognized each other. And one of the consequences could only be the one you see in the gallery in a few lines: so many people have chosen to create a theme tattoo with film. Not bad, right?

A fantastic world!

As we have already had occasion to specify, that of Nighmare before Christmas it is a real fantasy and parallel world, where wonderful characters reign, set in a somewhat magical and a little horror context. For this reason, many of the tattoos go to film characters and details of the film, giving space not only to the protagonists Jack is Sally, but also to other “characters” like Madame Alexander, and the inevitable props like the darkest houses you can imagine, Halloween pumpkins, crosses, and so on.

Over 20 years of myth!

The film by Tim Burton was released in 1993, immediately becoming an animation classic. Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero, Oogie Boogie – just to name a few – are just some of the characters that you can get tattooed on your body. Of course, colors, textures and dimensions are completely customizable and can be customized based on your indications and evaluations. Considering that then Christmas is approaching, and that Halloween is behind, nothing better than to take advantage of this period for a nice tattoo theme, possibly even temporary!

Many photos selected for you!

We also close our today’s in-depth analysis with the usual habit that you are so much enjoying: a beautiful photo gallery, with 40 different photos, which will allow you to learn a little more about the best tattoos with a theme of Nightmare Before Christmas which you can use for your stylistic preferences. We are sure that within the gallery you will also be able to find some drawings that can do for you. However, even considering the incredible breadth of characters, objects and settings that this cult film can give you, you can’t help but reflect calmly on what to do, trying to find out how you can make your tattoo unique. And what do you think? Do you like this movie? And what would you like to get tattooed?

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